Frequently asked questions

Accepted cryptocurrencies and fiat money

Which cryptocurrencies do you work with?
The main cryptocurrencies we work with are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Stellar. You can buy or sell other cryptocurrencies after we’ve negotiated our exchange rate and fees.
Which fiat currencies do you work with?
The main fiat currency we work with is EUR. We also accept USD and BGN according to the ECB rate for EUR. Other fiat currencies are accepted and paid after we’ve negotiated the conditions and if we have confirmed availability.
Could I exchange one cryptocurrency into another?
Yes, that is possible, but only after we’ve negotiated the terms.
Do you plan to add more cryptocurrencies?
We are monitoring the cryptocurrencies’ world very closely and when the time is right to add a new service we will inform our clients through our website. At the moment you can buy or sell other cryptocurrencies after discussing it with us first.

Exchange rates and fees

How are your exchange rates formed and what commission do you charge?
DG.cash is not an exchange, but a brokerage company and our exchange rates are not priced in accordance with the rates in one particular global exchange. Instead, we maintain relationships with many exchanges and, depending on the specific situation, our rate is determined by various factors and changes dynamically. “Rate” is the market price of the cryptocurrency at the moment and the “We buy” and “We sell” operations are the price at which the customer can sell or buy the cryptocurrency. The difference between “Rate” and “We Buy” / “We Sell” is our service commission.

The commission we collect is one of the lowest in the market and is not influenced by the price of any cryptocurrency or its demand and supply. The factors that affect our commission are: providing sufficient liquidity both for making purchases and for making sales; transaction costs and cash-flow risk management.
What are your fees?
All the fees are included in the exchange rate. When we make a deal you receive the exact amount of fiat money or cryptocurrency we have negotiated.
Who pays for the blockchain fees?
When you buy, the fees are at our expense. When you’re selling – they are at your expense.
Is it possible to negotiate an exchange rate different than the one on your website?
Under certain conditions and depending on our decision it is possible for us to offer you different terms after you have reached certain volume of transactions. If your intentions are to make deals with us regularly, then please inform us and we will tell you our terms.
Could I freeze an exchange rate for a short period until I visit your office?
No you cannot. The exchange rate is negotiated and established upon your visit at our office, when we’re making a deal.

Payments and limits

What payment methods do you accept and how do you pay?
Buying and selling cryptocurrency happens ONLY with cash. Bank transfers and other means of payment are not accepted.
Is there a minimum amount for the transactions?
There is a minimum amount of 500 EUR/1000 BGN/500 USD per transaction. There is no other limit or a maximum amount, but it is advisable to contact us two days prior to any deals over 20 000 EUR (or equivalent).
How many blockchain confirmations do you require when I sell cryptocurrency before you pay me cash?
When you sell, we require only 1 block confirmation before we pay you the amount of cash. If you sell Monero due to specifics in its protocol, you may have to wait longer, but no more than 30-40 minutes.
Can I buy / sell cryptocurrency via a company?
No, you can’t. Currently we only work with individual clients.


What do I need to do in order to use your services?
Simply book an appointment by filling in the form on our website or contact us by any of the means already mentioned on our website. Then you need to visit us at the time we’ve arranged together. The exchange rate will be calculated at the moment of the deal and you will be explicitly informed of it before the operation has been carried out.
Is any documentation required from the client?
No, we require no documentation.
What are your working hours?
Every office has its own working hours during which our service is constantly available.
Could I buy/sell cryptocurrency and have somebody else come and pay/receive the money at your office?
Yes, this is possible. In this case, please inform us beforehand.
How long does it take for the deal to happen?
You receive your cryptocurrency straight away after your payment. For your convenience, you can stay at our office until you receive a blockchain confirmation. In case you wish to sell cryptocurrency, its reciprocal value in fiat money you can receive at our office right after we have received the blockchain confirmation. In order for the deals to happen faster, we recommend that you send your cryptocurrency with a high fee.
How do I speed up a deal when I sell cryptocurrency in days of heavy network congestion?
The only condition for making a payment on our part is to receive 1 block transaction confirmation. On such days, this can take more than 1 hour and deals with each customer are limited to 30 minutes. At such times, we advise you to send the cryptocurrency 1-2 hours before you visit us. When you arrive at the agreed time, we will simply calculate the amount you have to receive according to the current rate at the time of the visit and pay you immediately. Of course, if the course has changed in an unfavourable direction for you, we can send the cryptocurrency back to you and not make a deal. In days with a normal network load, this is not necessary, and everything happens while you are in our office.
Where can I check how many block confirmations my transaction has?
Almost all wallets offer the ability to check how many confirmations your transaction has. Another way is through the so-called Blockchain explorer. Due to the fact that there are many and different types of Blockchain explorers, we advise you to search the Internet for the explorer for the respective cryptocurrency which fits best your personal preferences.


Which wallet would you suggest?
Dg.cash does not offer any consultancy service and we cannot help you choose a wallet. It is your decision which wallet to choose and which currency to keep in it. Please bear in mind that transactions with cryptocurrencies are final and there is no undo button. Once carried out, they cannot be stopped or returned without the consent of the receiving party. Always check the address you are sending or receiving money to for mistakes.
Can I keep a cryptocurrency I bought in your account because I do not have a wallet that supports it?
No, it’s not possible. It is your responsibility to have a wallet and valid address to send the cryptocurrency to you.
Which cryptocurrency to invest in?
We could not give you such an advice. It is your responsibility to inform yourself and make a decision based on your own research and inner conviction.
My wallet does not accept the address you provided. What should I do?
There are various reasons that may cause a wallet or exchange not to accept the destination address we have provided to you. Typically, this is caused by the different format addresses that use wallets and exchanges. A member of our team will assist you on the spot to solve the problem.

How can I contact you if I have any other questions?

Every office has contact information, all listed on our website.

Please turn to the Offices and contacts for more information.

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