How to buy or sell cryptocurrency at Bitcoin ATM

How to buy cryptocurrencies?

  • Visit the ATM device and touch the screen. You will see the icons of the respective cryptocurrencies and the exchange rate of each of them at the moment;
  • Click on the icon of the cryptocurrency you would like to purchase;
  • Click on the "Buy" button and the next screen will ask you which fiat currency you would like to pay with. Only banknotes in Bulgarian levs, euros and US dollars are accepted;
  • In the next step, you must provide an address to receive the purchased amount of cryptocurrency. If you have a cryptowallet on your mobile phone, scan the QR code now. If you do not have a cryptowallet at hand, click "Do not have a wallet?". The device will take you to a new screen where it will offer you to download mobile cryptowallet or print a paper wallet. Select the option that's most convenient for you and click the "OK" button in the upper right corner to go back to the previous screen. Now you can scan the QR code from the new cryptowallet on your mobile device or from the printed paper wallet. Once the device retrieves the address, please compare it carefully with the receiving address shown on the screen;

Caution: Be careful when providing a receiving address for the respective cryptocurrency! If you provide wrong or invalid crypto address, you will never receive the purchased cryptocurrency and you will lose the amount of money you have paid.

  • Start handing the banknotes one by one. The first banknote in the device must be equal to or greater than 50 BGN / 20 EUR / 20 USD. This is the minimum amount you can make a purchase for. The following banknotes can be of a lower or higher denomination depending on your wish. The maximum amount for a single transaction is 9750 BGN / 4950 EUR / 5800 USD. You cannot buy an exact amount of cryptocurrency (e.g., 0.5 Bitcoin). You can only buy for a specified amount of money (for example, for 2000 BGN), and the amount of the crypto will be calculated against the current exchange rate. As you insert banknotes, on the screen you will see how much money has been received so far, how much cryptocurrency the cash equals to and what the current exchange rate is. It does not specify for what amount of money you wish to buy. Bring the banknotes to the desired amount, then click "Done".
  • The machine does not give change back and once the banknotes have been accepted, the transaction cannot be stopped, and the amount returned. On the next screen you will see a confirmation with the transaction parameters and a receipt will be printed. Please keep the receipt! Soon you will get the amount of cryptocurrency purchased at the provided address.

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How to sell cryptocurrencies?

    • Visit the device and touch the screen. You will see the icons of the respective cryptocurrencies and the exchange rate of each of them at the moment. Note that the rates shown on this screen are for purchase and not for sale;

  • Click on the icon of the cryptocurrency you would like to sell;
  • Click on the "Sell" button and on the next screen you will see the current "Sell" rate under which the transaction will be executed, and you will be invited to select the amount of money you want to sell for. The machine is loaded with denominations of 50 BGN and 100 BGN, which means that the amount to be sold must be multiplied to 50 BGN and 100 BGN. Press +50 BGN or +100 BGN to add to the amount for sale and respectively - 50 BGN or -100 BGN to deduct from it. The minimum transaction amount is 50 BGN and the maximum is 9750 BGN. You cannot sell a certain amount of cryptocurrency (e.g 0.5 Bitcoin). You can only sell cryptocurrencies for a specified amount of cash (for example, for 2000 BGN), with the amount of cryptocurrency being calculated based on the current exchange rate;
  • Once you have reached the desired amount for which you would like to sell by pressing the +/- 50 BGN and +/- 100 BGN buttons, you will see the amount of cryptocurrency you have to send us. Click the "Sell" button to complete and the system will ask you if you would like to be informed by SMS about the transaction's progress. The provision of a mobile number is optional, and we will never disclose it to any other person or organization for any purpose. If you leave a phone number, you will receive free SMS messages when the transaction is detected on blockchain, when the amount is available for withdraw, and in other cases, such as if you have sent an incorrect amount of cryptocurrency or when the sending time has expired and the address has become invalid.
  • On the next screen, you will see a transaction confirmation with the amount you will be paid, the amount of cryptocurrency you have to send us, and the time limit to be paid. The machine will print a receipt and redemption ticket with instructions on how to proceed. Take them and follow the instructions described there. Do not lose the receipt! Without it, you will not be able to withdraw the amount of cash from the ATM device. If you have a paper wallet, scan the QR code with the private key now. Click "Done" to finish.
  • Take the receipt and scan the QR code. The buying address and the exact amount of cryptocurrency you need to send us are embedded in it and will be automatically filled in your wallet. Keep in mind that we need to get exactly the same amount as specified on the receipt. If you send even a little bit more or less, the transaction will become invalid and you must contact us on the support phone to solve the problem. In order to confirm your transaction faster, we recommend that you make the transfer from your crypto wallet with a high fee. If you transfer the cryptocurrency from an exchange, note that most exchanges have withdrawal fees that are deducted from the withdrawn amount. In this case, the ATM device will receive less than the specified amount and will mark the transaction as invalid. To avoid this, check the exchange withdrawal fee and add it to the amount you send us. That's how we get, just as much as we need. The time limit noted on the receipt, in which you should send us the cryptocurrency, is also the time limit the transaction must receive 1 confirmation on blockchain. If you send the cryptocurrency at the last minute, it may fail to receive 1 confirmation, so it will become invalid and you must contact us again for assistance. We advise you to complete the transfer immediately after receiving the receipt to have enough time to confirm the transaction.
  • After you have done the transfer of the specified amount of cryptocurrency within the specified time, wait for 1 blockchain confirmation to be received and the amount of cash will be available for withdraw from the device. If you have left a mobile number, you will be informed with a sms when this happens. If you have not left a mobile number, keep checking the transaction yourself via a block explorer of your choice to see when it gets confirmed. Under normal conditions, 1 confirmation takes a few minutes, but in cases when the network is overloaded, it may take longer.
  • Visit the device, click on the relevant cryptocurrency icon, then "Redemption ticket", scan the QR code from the receipt, and pick up the banknotes.

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