Buy or sell cryptocurrency in our office

Cash transactions in our office provide you with unmatched speed, confidentiality and security.

You can buy cryptocurrencies at our office in Sofia only with cash. When you sell the cryptocurrencies, you get cash only and immediately. All this happens within minutes while you're in our office.

The transactions are executed according to the "We buy" or "We sell" rates at the moment of the client's visit.

The service we offer is the equivalent of the known exchange bureaus for traditional fiat currencies (USD, EUR, etc.), with the difference that the exchange is against cryptocurrencies.

DG.Cash does not disclose information about its clients and transactions, which, together with the use of cash, guarantees a high level of confidentiality and eliminates bureaucracy.

It is important to note that we do not offer consulting services and cannot give you advice on what cryptocurrency to buy or sell and which crypto wallet to store it in.


Dg.cash saves its clients all the waiting that comes along with creating an account on the exchanges and waiting for verification (sometimes that takes weeks and months), it does not require them to disclose personal information and it eliminates the inconvenient deposit and withdrawal limits, which most of the exchanges impose.


Sometimes exchanges can shut down without prior warning due to hack attacks; there are also the cases when they freeze their clients’ funds for an indefinite amount of time because of reasons of their own; the worst part is that sometimes deposits and withdrawals can be delayed with days or even weeks.

No banks

We also save our clients the immense trouble of buying and selling cryptocurrencies through banks. Banks require a significant amount of paperwork for bigger transactions, and that on its own is one reason for your transactions to be delayed until the paperwork is there. There is also a tendency for banks to refuse transactions that have anything to do with cryptocurrencies (for example, any transfers to exchanges’ accounts and peer 2 peer transactions). Those bank clients often face shut down of their bank accounts and are treated with suspicion.

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