How to buy and sell cryptocurrency with cash in our office


The first thing you have to do when you want to buy cryptocurrency with cash or sell cryptocurrency for cash in our office is to book an appointment with us.

What you can expect from us is timely confirmation of the conditions you’ve specified. In case we cannot accommodate your needs at the moment we offer an alternative date and hour that is convenient for the client.

At the appointed day and time the client visits our office.

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When buying

If you want to buy cryptocurrency you need to have cash. You can pay with Bulgarian levs, Euros or US dollars. Then we will calculate the value of the cryptocurrency you wish to buy according to the ‘We sell’ rate. The exact rate of the cryptocurrencies is published on our website real time.

After all calculations have been already made, our client pays in the preferred fiat currency and receives the cryptocurrency straight away at a specified by them address. For personal convenience, the client can stay in our office until they receive a confirmation that the cryptocurrency is in their wallet, or until a blockchain confirmation is received.

When selling

When you sell cryptocurrency, you receive cash at the moment. We can pay you in Bulgarian levs, Euros or US dollars. The quantity of cryptocurrency you want to sell or the amount of money you want to receive is calculated based on the current "We buy" rate on our website. Once you send the certain quantity of cryptocurrency to an address we specify, we wait for 1 blockchain confirmation and then you receive your cash. It is important for you to transfer cryptocurrency with a high fee so as to get a blockchain confirmation quickly and respectively your cash. Waiting for a blockchain confirmation takes place in our office.

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