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Convert your cryptocurrency in cash, or the other way around, easy, fast and smart

DG.cash offers a convenient opportunity to buy and sell Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency in the easiest and fastest way - with cash.

Since its foundation in the end of 2017, DG.cash has quickly become a favourite brand of the residents and guests of Sofia and has taken a leading position in the cryptomarket in Bulgaria. Also, DG.cash is an operator of Bitcoin ATMs in Bulgaria, which offer another option for automated purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies with cash.

Our clients are people from all walks of life, of all ages and with all kinds of professions - from young people making their first investment, through businessmen making commercial payments, to elderly citizens who receive money from their relatives abroad. Thanks to our ability to easily execute large orders, high-end investors willing to buy or sell significant amounts of cryptocurrency are turning to us. DG.cash is the preferred choice of most miners for a quick and convenient way to receive fiat money. We also work with ICO organizers to help them cash out ICO's revenue, as well as many of our competitors by providing them with liquidity when they need it. They all find more and more ways to use our services and our popularity is constantly increasing.

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